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Responsibility for Society.

Volkswagen supports projects which promote culture and art, education, science, health and sport. Why? Because we believe that as a company with global operations we have a duty of responsibility towards our global society which can't be fulfilled simply by applying charity. On the contrary, it takes individual and above all long-term commitment.

Resource Conservation and Climate Protection, Promoting Justice

Our guidelines relating to responsibility and sustainability bring together the challenges of the 21st century, in particular resource conservation and climate protection, together with intra- and intergenerational justice.

The projects we select reflect a philosophy and fundamental conviction based on two core elements: these are applying continuity rather than just following the latest fashion, and working to create sustainable structural developments at our sites as sources of economic and social stimulus and opportunities for stakeholders.

In concrete terms all CSR projects which Volkswagen initiates and supports internationally must satisfy a number of key guidelines, ensuring that:

  • They are in accordance with the Group’s principles while addressing specific local or regional issues.
  • They express the diversity within the Group as well as in the social environment within which the projects take place.
  • They originate from an intense stakeholder dialogue with local players, those actively involved in project realisation, and
  • their project management takes place locally and is the responsibility of the units active at that location.