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Responsibility for the Workforce.

Volkswagen is well on its way to becoming the world's top car producer, but this can only be achieved with a top team: highly qualified, skilled and motivated. A company which demands excellence from its workforce also has to offer them a great deal – but for us this goes without saying.

However, responsibility means more than just give and take. It also grows out of an inner duty towards those people who invest their time and their commitment on behalf of our shared success. We wish to offer them the best possible working conditions, promote their health and provide them with future prospects, development opportunities and participation in our success. And above all we wish to offer them an attractive and fulfilling career with us. We go about achieving this in a number of different ways:

Enhancing Qualifications

From dual vocational training for talented young people to our qualification programme for experienced management personnel – at Volkswagen, all employees can develop their skills further, in every phase of their working lives and in accordance with their individual capabilities.

This has such high priority for us that we have created - in the Volkswagen Group Academy - a central umbrella organisation for all basic and advanced training activities within the Group.

Performance and Participation

We regularly carry out surveys of employee satisfaction with our 'mood barometer'. It is the Volkswagen way to give all staff the opportunity to participate in shaping specific processes within their immediate working environment, thus supporting the process of continuous improvement.

For this purpose, we demand and promote top performance within every part of the organisation – and reward good ideas as part of Volkswagen's Ideas Management programme.

Health and Fitness

Our holistic health management goes well beyond health and safety in the workplace: we inform our workforce about how they can stay healthy in the workplace, while also motivating them to pursue a health-conscious lifestyle in their leisure time after they finish work.

And we don't do this simply with colourful brochures but by involving colleagues who provide advice directly within the workplace, for example on ergonomic aspects. Health management is rounded off by a range of sporting and preventative activities.  

Promoting Women and Diversity

With our company, equality of opportunity is a fact, not an empty word. And of course this is irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, skin colour, disability, world view, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, social origin or political views – provided these are based on democratic principles and the core value of tolerance. Equality of opportunity, however, is displayed not only in the cultural, ethnic and social diversity which is practised, but also and above all in concrete services: at Volkswagen, flexible working time models and childcare facilities make it easy to combine career and family.