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Pacheco (Argentina).

Pacheco is one of two Volkswagen sites in Argentina. The 3600+ workers at the Pacheco plant build more than 60,000 of the Suran and Fox models per year.

Environmental protection at the Pacheco plant
Ever since opening in 1995, the Pacheco plant has placed great importance on the recycling of materials outside of production. This includes hardboards, used ink and toner cartridges, cardboard containers, paper, wood and plastic films in the logistics area. Solvents needed for rinsing out colour lines in the paint shop are 100 percent recyclable. A wide variety of measures to reduce consumption of resources and the effects on the environment is practised, such as separation of waste materials, careful monitoring of emíssions and imissions and soundproofing of the paint shop, which has reduced noise pollution for local residents by 9 db (A). Used batteries from the Pacheco plant, as well as from the homes of employees, are collected and treated (recycled).

One visible indication of environmental protection at the plant is an artificial lake which, as well as being used for rainwater catchment and as a reservoir for firefighting water, also provides a habitat for the various flora and fauna growing there. Some 62 different species of bird have already been discovered here. So far, more than 4,000 trees have been planted as part of the forestation process being carried out at the site. The Pacheco plant has been awarded an environment certificate according to ISO 14001 by the year 2006. To ensure the high requirements needed to obtain this certificate are met, training courses are already being conducted on a regular basis to sensitise employees with respect to environmentally-friendly usage of materials and handling resources sparingly.
2006 also saw the Pacheco plant receive OHSAS 18.001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) certification. The plant has developed an occupational health and safety management system in accordance with OHSAS standards as part of its drive for the continuous improvement of safety standards, both in terms of operational safety and plant safety, thus contributing to a comprehensive programme of preventive action.

The UN Global Compact
The Pacheco site is managed according to the principles of the UN Global Compact. Volkswagen Argentina announced its entry into this United Nations initiative and its intentions to take more responsibility for social matters in 2004. Volkswagen Argentina is now part of the Argentinean network of Global Compact members. Health provision for employees is integrated into the Argentinean public health system via the plant's medical service. This is working together with numerous institutions to prevent occupational illness and protect the workforce from health risks and also provides a first-class 24 hour service with a comprehensive range of medical equipment.

Volkswagen Argentina S.A., Werk Pacheco

Delcasse y Av. Henry Ford - B1617BKK Gral. Pacheco

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