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São José dos Pinhais.

Employees of Volkswagen do Brasil (4 factories): around 24.000
Produced Models: Fox, CrossFox, SpaceFox and Golf
Inauguration date: January 18, 1999
Build area: 303.874,71 m2
Total area: 1.287.512,37 m2

Volkswagen in Paraná completes 14 years and surpasses the milestone of 1.5 million units produced of the Fox model in the country.

  • Since its inauguration, São José dos Pinhais unit produced more than 2.1 million vehicles for internal and external markets; factory currently produces Fox, CrossFox, SpaceFox and Golf models
  • The Fox is the second most produced and marketed model by Volkswagen in the country, only behind by the Gol. In 2012, 167,710 units of this model were sold in the country, an increase of 38% when compared to 2011
  • Fox is the second most exported model by Volkswagen in Brazil, totaling almost 420 thousand units sent to 62 countries

The factory of Volkswagen do Brasil in São José dos Pinhais, in the Curitiba metropolitan area (PR), one of the most modern plants of Volkswagen Group has just overcome the milestone of 1.5 million units manufactured of the Fox model in the Country, in the month that it completed 14 years. The record was represented by a red Fox 1.6 L Prime, with 104 hp, manufactured in the factory and celebrated on January 22, 2013, with an internal event with all employees of the three shifts in order to present the main achievements. Since the inauguration on January 18, 1999, the industrial complex has produced over 2.1 million vehicles for the internal and external markets, and currently generates over 10 thousand direct and indirect jobs, being benchmark in quality for the automotive sector.

Currently, the Fox is the second most produced and marketed model from the brand in the country, behind only by the New Gol. In 2012, 167,710 units of the model were sold in the Brazilian market, an increase of 38% when compared to 2011. The Fox is also the second most exported vehicle by Volkswagen do Brasil, totaling almost 420,000 units shipped to 62 countries in its 10 year history.

Committed to the development of its employees by means of training programs, the unit has just opened a modern center for professional training in the area of Painting for permanent corporate training, following concepts and guidelines of the Volkswagen Group. The recently opened space will have at the end of the entire implementation phase, approximately 780 m² and will have a complete infrastructure, reproducing the same features of the production line for the implementation of the main activities (application of plastic, sanding, polishing and body painting). All employees of the area will be upgraded or improved to develop their functions with renewed concepts on ergonomics, quality and safety. The training at the Paraná factory are starting in this month of January and include many practical and integrated exercises into the production process.


The São José dos Pinhais factory was inaugurated on January 18, 1999, beginning in the same year the production of the Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3. In 2001, the unit was responsible for producing the best Audi A3 in the World Group. Currently, the Paraná factory exclusively produces Volkswagen vehicles: Fox, Fox BlueMotion, CrossFox, SpaceFox and Golf models, with a production capacity of 870 vehicles/day. Every two minutes, a new Volkswagen vehicle is completed on the production line.

Besides serving the domestic market, the unit has already exported more than 707 thousand vehicles to countries in North America, South America, Africa and Europe. Today, the factory exports to almost all countries of South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela), Central America countries (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama) and North American (Mexico), and some Caribbean islands (Cayman Islands, Curaçao and Saint Bartholomew).

The São José dos Pinhais unit starts 2013 as the first factory in Brazil to produce 100% of the vehicles destined to the domestic market equipped with front airbags and ABS brakes as standard production equipment, given in advance to the request of the Brazilian legislation. Currently, the devices are present in all versions of the Fox, CrossFox, SpaceFox and Golf models.

Major recognitions of the factory

Volkswagen do Brasil in São José dos Pinhais received important recognitions in its trajectory. In 2012, the plant won the award "Top of Mind Paraná 2012", held by the Amanhã Magazine and by the research institute Bonilha, as the most recalled automaker and the automobile brand by consumers from Paraná. Volkswagen had 20.5% of the mentions in the category "Automóvel" (“Automobile”) and 20.3% in the category "Montadora do Paraná" ("Assembler of Paraná").

For the 3rd time, the unit received the Onda Verde Trophy in the Expressão de Ecologia Award, from Expression Publisher, certified by the Ministry of Environment as one of the most important environmental awards from the South of the Country. The company was awarded in the category "Conservação de Insumos de Produção - Energia" ("Conservation of Production Inputs - Energy") with the actions implemented to reduce the energy consumption, being the only automaker among the winning companies. In 2009, the factory was the winner for its reforestation project, through which accomplished the planting of 100 thousand seedlings of native species since 1999, year of its inauguration. In 2002, the factory also received the trophy for the use of water-based paint in the painting of automobiles, as a pioneer, avoiding the emission of solvents.

Volkswagen of São José dos Pinhais also received, in 2012, the 12th Empresa Cidadã Award, conducted by the organization Pequeno Cotolengo Paranaense in Curitiba to recognize institutions that support their projects and social activities. The unit was also recognized with the Award of 100 Top Contributors of ICMS in Paraná, being placed among the top companies in the ranking, in a ceremony held by the Federação do Comércio e Jornal Indústria & Comércio (Federation of Commerce and Industry Journal & Commerce). Regionally, Volkswagen was also named the best "Montadora de Veículos" ("Vehicle assembler") in the southern region of the Country, in the Corporate Reputation Project, conducted by Amanhã Magazine, in partnership with the Grupo Troiano de Branding. The survey interviewed more than 3.4 thousand residents in the states of Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Innovative layout

The unit features a pioneer layout in the Volkswagen Group, aiming to integrate all areas and information flow, encouraging continuous quality improvement. Areas of Framework, Painting and Final Assembly converge to the Communication Center, a triangular building where administrative offices are concentrated, winter gardens, cafeteria, bank agency, restaurants and areas for assessing the quality of the product. The complex was designed so that, in just five minutes, you can go from one area to another. The unit also has an advanced logistics system, with 15 suppliers installed into the build sit, forming the Parque Industrial de Curitiba (PIC).


Environmental management

The factory also stands out for using advanced technology in all its production process, such as laser welding and water-based painting in the painting of automobiles, avoiding the emission of solvents. Certified by ISO 14001, worldwide standard that certifies good environmental management of the organizations, the unit has an advanced wastewater treatment process, which treats the sanitary and industrial sewage. Also has an environmental monitoring system that monitors the air and water quality.

As a way of encouraging a culture of environmental sustainability, the unit opened in 2012 a different route to receive the visit of the factory external public: the "Caminho da Sustentabilidade" ("Path of Sustainability"). Visitors have the opportunity to check closely the Company’s high technology in the manufacture of a vehicle and the main actions that result in greater energy and environmental efficiency. The "Caminho da Sustentabilidade" constitutes visiting the production areas (Press, Body Shop, Painting and Final Assembly) and the external area (vivarium, effluent treatment station and recharge point of rainwater), to view the innovation of productive processes of Volkswagen, combined with the best practices of natural resource conservation.

Several actions are undertaken by the unit to ensure that natural resources are used efficiently. In offices and production areas, one of the highlights is the use of large-scale natural lighting, which contributes to the reduction of energy consumption and improves visual comfort and well-being of employees. The São José dos Pinhais unit was born with the concept of offices based on sustainable management, favoring natural light. The two internal gardens, surrounded by glass, provide a pleasant working environment and refer to the respect for nature. Expanding the use of transparent polycarbonate tiles in productive areas intensified the incidence of natural lighting.

In the Final Assembly, the route discloses one of the examples of protection of water resources. The water used in sealing tests, to ensure the quality of sealing the vehicles, is recirculated after its retrieval and filtering. The factory also has a system to capture and use rainwater.

The parts wood package used in the production line also has sustainable destination and is featured at the "Caminho da Sustentabilidade". Some of the material goes back to the timber industry, which reuses as packaging or input for civil construction. Another part of the wood is transformed into several handicrafts, furniture and eco-friendly toys like dolls house, by the hands of artisans of Paraná and Santa Catarina. Thus, besides bringing benefits to the environment, the plant recycled material generates income for many people.

The commitment to the community is strengthened with numerous social initiatives. This year, the Volkswagen Foundation "Sewing the Future" project will be implemented in São José dos Pinhais, in partnership with the Municipal Labor and Employment Office offering professional training in cutting, sewing and entrepreneurship to 40 women living in a community close to the factory. Besides the social and economic focus, encouraging the generation of jobs and income in the community, "Sewing the Future" has environmental performance, reducing the disposal of tissues in embankments.

In the workshops, participants will transform into objects, such as bags and accessories, the automotive fabrics that would be discarded by Volkswagen Brazil. The project will also receive surplus fabric of the shirts brand Dudalina, which will provide the material through its Adelina Institute.

Also by means of the Volkswagen Foundation, in partnership with the city hall, the company undertook in 2012 the project "Entre na Roda" ("Enter the Circle"), whose objective was to train teachers from Elementary School of public system to encourage a taste for reading in school and develop the reading skills of children, benefiting about 3,600 public school students. Each participant educational institution received a chest of books with 100 titles each to develop the activities.

Highlights also include the contest “Volkswagen in the Community” which offers each year a cash prize and management course to the best social projects working with volunteer work nominated by the employees of Volkswagen do Brasil. The winning organizations will also compete, in the following year, to the "Prêmio de Sustentabilidade" ("Sustainability Award"), in the same amount of money given to one that better managed their resources, optimizing and expanding the results. In 2012, the Paraná institution Pequeno Cotolengo was one of the winners.

The Volkswagen plant in Parana also has partnerships with the city hall of São José dos Pinhais to the development of numerous actions involving the community, receiving the title of corporate citizen by its social projects in the municipality. Among them: Winter Campaign, Campaign for Easter, Christmas Without Hunger, Adopt a Child, other donation campaigns and environmental visits of schools in the region. For the 3rd consecutive year, the campaign "Adopt a Child", has benefited more than 100 students from APAE (Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais) (Association of Parents and Friends of Mentally Retarded Children) from São José dos Pinhais with gifts and Christmas party.

The company was the official sponsor of the Christmas Festival of São José dos Pinhais for the second consecutive year and has a library inside the factory with a collection of over 2.5 thousand titles that serves all employees and their families.

With the proposal to stimulate and arouse the attention of the community for physical activity, Volkswagen do Brasil promoted the 4ª Corrida e Caminhada 6k pela Saúde da Criança (4th 6k Run and Walk for Child Health) on December 2, 2012, in the factory of São José dos Pinhais, with the participation of about a thousand people, including professional athletes, employees, family and members of the general community. The event included various activities related to the health care of the child and offered services like blood glucose testing and blood pressure measurements.

Milestones of the São José dos Pinhais factory

  • 1999: Opening of the plant in São José dos Pinhais
  • 2003: Launch of Fox
  • 2005: Launch of CrossFox
  • 2007: Launch of the New Golf
  • 2009: New Generation of Fox and CrossFox
  • 2010: Unit celebrates 1 million Fox produced
  • 2011: Unit celebrates 500 thousand Golf produced and starts the production of the SpaceFox
  • 2012: Launch of Fox BlueMotion and unit celebrates 2 million vehicles produced
  • 2013: Unity celebrates 1.5 million Fox produced

Numbers of the São José dos Pinhais factory

  • 2.1 million vehicles produced since the inauguration (Volkswagen Fox, Crossfox, Spacefox, Golf, Saveiro and Audi A3)
  • 1.5 million Fox
  • 500 thousand Golf
  • One new Volkswagen vehicle is completed every two minutes
  • 420 thousand units sent to 62 countries

Volkswagen do Brasil

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