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Córdoba (Argentina).

The Córdoba Industrial Centre is part of Volkswagen Argentina, and employs over 1,500 persons. The plant produces around 670,000 manual gearboxes as well as components for a multitude of Volkswagen Group vehicles. The gearboxes are transported to Spain, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa.

Protection of natural resources
Protection of the environment and natural resources has always been a firm objective at the Centre. As early as 1999, the Centre resolved to bring its activities in line with international standard ISO 14001, and had its environmental management system certified by an independent expert in 2000. Since then, measures such as treatment of industrial sewage or not using harmful materials for product manufacture - such as hexavalent chrome, heavy metals or chlorinated oils - have become part of a comprehensive environmental concept and a continuing process of improvement.
The use of conservation technologies and ecological efficiency in planning the MQ 200 gearbox played a key role from the start. As an example, the new machines use dry operation without oil or coolants, and a central rinsing system returns used fluids back into circulation. The new plant also stands out for improving efficiency in the power supply and the set-up of waste separation.

The UN Global Compact
Both Argentinean locations - Córdoba and Pacheco - follow the precepts of the Global Compact. Volkswagen Argentina announced its entry into the United Nations initiative in 2004 and its intentions to take responsibility for social concerns. Volkswagen Argentina is now part of the Argentinean network of Global Compact members. Participation in an instrument for self-assessment of social responsibility, developed by the University of Córdoba and the PROETICA Group, assists the Córdoba Industrial Centre in appraising its own activities in comparison to those of other companies.

Recognition for the Córdoba plant
In 2005, the Córdoba Industrial Centre received an award for its company management from the Fundación Premio Nacional, a national foundation for quality; President Nestor Kirchner himself was there to present the award. Thus in particular the quality policy, provision for stakeholders and the location's value orientation are all recognised. And the Córdoba Industrial Centre aspires to yet another award for 2006.

Volkswagen Argentina

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