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Anchieta Plant (in the city of São Bernardo do Campo)

Produced Models: New Gol, Gol G4, Polo, Polo Sedan, Saveiro and Kombi (T2)
Inauguration date: November 18, 1959
Build area: 966,156.96 m2
Total area: 1,615,783.36 m2

The first Volkswagen factory installed outside Germany, Anchieta unit, in São Bernardo do Campo, opened on November 18, 1959 and since then reached the milestone of more than 12.5 million vehicles produced. Officially it has been the scene of some of the major achievements of the Brazilian automotive industry.

Located at 23.5 km of Anchieta Ave., in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), 18 km from São Paulo capital, Anchieta plant has a total area of 1,615,783.36 m2, of which 966,156,96 m² are built area.

It is considered an industrial complex for housing activities such as Stamping, Easel bodywork, Painting, Final Assembly, Manufacture of Engines, Gearboxes, Center for Research, Planning and Development of new products. The unit is currently responsible for the production of New Gol, Gol G4, Polo, Polo Sedan, Saveiro and Kombi (T2) models.

Environmental Management

Focusing the sustainability, Anchieta plant follows the parameters and quality standards in accordance with the applicable environmental legislation. To prevent environmental impacts, it has a station of Wastewater Treatment and controls solid waste hazardous to the environment, as well as atmospheric emissions.

The unit also developed mechanisms for optimization of recycled waste per unit produced and energy and water consumption. To contribute with these projects, there is also the use of computational analysis of life cycle processes and environmental indicators.

Other activities focused on the environment held by the Anchieta plant were deploying sustainable office, encouraging the use of returnable packaging and promotion of environmental awareness among employees.

Volkswagen do Brasil

Via Anchiéta, Km 23,5, Sao Bernardo do Campo