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The innovative DSG® dual-clutch gearbox is available for all model series, in combination with a variety of petrol and diesel engines. This automatic transmission, which features two clutches and also has a manual mode, is not only significantly more efficient than a conventional torque converter automatic transmission but is also much smoother in operation. The DSG® has key advantages over conventional automatic transmissions, with faster and more precise gear shifts and no noticeable interruption in the flow of power when shifting, and thus no judder. Those who prefer to change gear manually can still do so using the Tiptronic mode.

Using two clutches makes the DSG® much more efficient than a conventional automatic transmission with hydraulic torque converter. Thanks to its intelligent gearbox management and outstanding efficiency, vehicles with the 7-speed dual clutch gearbox can even achieve better fuel efficiency than those with a manual gearbox, subject, of course, to driving style. To read more about the DSG® click here.

The Environmental Commendation for the DSG® is the first to be awarded by Volkswagen for an individual technology. It documents and compares the environmental impact of a number of different transmissions, assessing the current 6-speed DSG® and 7-speed DSG® units in comparison to a conventional torque converter automatic transmission. The assessment covers not just the "working life" of the transmission while it is installed in the car but includes the entire life cycle of this high-tech unit – from production to recycling.

In line with the findings obtained for the various Volkswagen models and documented in their Environmental Commendations, it emerged that the DSG® too achieves improvements – in some cases significant – for all environmental impacts. The biggest advances have been made in the environmental impact categories global warming potential, acidification potential and photochemical ozone creation potential. In the categories soil and water eutrophication and ozone depletion, the difference in impact between dual-clutch gearboxes and conventional torque converter automatic transmissions is negligible.

The improvements are largely due to reduced fuel consumption, which in turn results directly in reduced driving emissions and indirectly in reduced environmental impact at the fuel production stage. The reduction in fuel consumption, in turn, is a direct result of the intelligent gearbox management and high efficiency of the DSG® gearbox.