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Life Cycle Assessments & Me.

Volkswagen is constantly striving to optimise the Life Cycle Assessments of its vehicles. Because our goal is clear: Each new vehicle should be better than its predecessor – not least in terms of its environmental properties. That’s why we engage in research into new materials and develop innovative technologies. We constantly strive to improve the efficiency and economy of our engines, to minimise the power consumption of electrical components and reduce the weight of our cars. To enable us to check whether the measures we have planned or already implemented really do help improve the environmental properties of a vehicle, we draw up complex Life Cycle Assessments.

These analyses of the life cycles of our vehicles regularly document the fact that the period in which cars have the greatest impact on the environment is during their services lives – when they are on the road. So this is also when there is the greatest potential to save fuel and cut emissions by demonstrating the appropriate behaviour. While Volkswagen expends all that time and effort on making its cars more efficient, every driver can play a part in improving his or her personal environmental profile in relatively simple ways.