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Environmental Commendation.

Volkswagen uses Environmental Commendations to document the environmental progress achieved by its vehicles and technologies compared with predecessor or reference models. Our Environmental Commendations provide our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders inside and outside the company with information about how we are making our vehicles, components and production processes more environmentally compatible and what we have achieved in this respect.

On the following pages, you will find information on Environmental Commendations, Life Cycle Assessments and how they are produced. We explain which vehicle models and technologies have received the Commendation and what you yourself can do in addition to improve your own personal environmental performance.

Environmental Commendation for the Passat

Introduced more than 35 years ago, the Passat has become one of Volkswagen's best-selling models. Over that time, we have made key technological improvements to each successive generation of the product to adapt it to new market challenges and customer requirements. These improvements affected not only the handling, comfort and equipment levels of this mid-range model but also its environmental performance.


Test your Life Cycle Assessment knownledge