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Responsibility for the Environment.

At Volkswagen, responsibility for the environment means producing clean cars in clean factories. This sounds simple, but as so often it is the simplest targets which involve highly complex operations. And what do we actually mean by a 'clean car'? A car with low fuel consumption? Definitely, but there's a lot more to it …

Development and Production 

At Volkswagen, a car is preferably designed from the very beginning in such a way that it can be manufactured, driven and one day recycled in a way which protects the environment. As a result, environmental experts are involved from the very start of the initial design operations. They make sure that across its entire life cycle a new vehicle achieves the best possible values in terms of protecting the climate, conserving resources and protecting health.

The name of this all-round approach is Think Blue. Engineering.

After the development work, the production process begins. It is our target to reduce – by the year 2018 – the environmental impact of the production of every car by 25% compared to 2010. With correspondingly less energy, waste, CO₂ and solvent emissions and with less water consumption.

The name of this clean production process is Think Blue. Factory.

Use and Recycling

The greatest opportunity for sustainable automobility is to be found on the road, when the vehicle is in use. Our contribution to this is ensuring that every new Volkswagen is at least 10% more efficient than its predecessor model. In addition, by 2020 we will reduce the average CO₂ emissions of our EU fleet of new vehicles to 95 g per kilometre. And to help our customers to drive sustainably we offer fuel-economy training courses, for example, which enable reductions of up to 25% in fuel consumption and emissions.

After many years of economical driving the life of the vehicle is rounded off by the recycling process. Thanks to clever design, all of today's new Volkswagen models can be recycled to 85 % and recovered to 95 %.

Protecting Nature and Species Diversity

At Volkswagen, responsibility for the environment goes well beyond the automobile and its use. Accordingly, we support a range of concrete projects involving the protection of nature and species diversity, for example projects involving the renaturation of river and moor landscapes in cooperation with such organisations as Germany's nature conservation organisation

Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. (NABU).

All activities are implemented within the scope of our Think Blue. approach. With this approach we motivate people to act sustainably and demonstrate how satisfying it can be to achieve change – and of course we make sure we set a good example.