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Corporate Responsibility.

Volkswagen manufactures cars, and does so around six million times a year. This means that millions of people drive or are driven in our vehicles. In addition, many hundreds of thousands of people are involved either directly or indirectly in the production of these vehicles, which have been driving on the roads of our world for many decades now.

However, these vehicles don't run on thin air – they consume resources, both during production and during use. They emit pollutants, need to be maintained and one day recycled. It therefore goes without saying that cars have a significant impact on people, the environment and society. Obviously this leads to significant responsibility.

Acting as Corporate Citizens

Under our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guidelines, we regard ourselves as corporate citizens who look at their activities from a responsibility point of view and derive from it the corresponding obligations for their actions. Accordingly, CSR represents the implementation of the principle of sustainability within our operations.

Operating sustainably means that as a company we on the one hand satisfy present requirements – for example the need for affordable individual mobility worldwide – while at the same time ensuring that future generations will also be able to fulfill their own needs. To achieve this we have to give social and ecological objectives the same priority as our economic objectives. To put it in a different way: everything we do must not be aimed at business success only, but should also protect the environment and benefit society.

Acting responsibly is a tradition for our company and is very much in line with our corporate culture. At the same time, it enables us to increase our competitiveness and future capabilities. As a result, sustainability is also an essential component of Volkswagen's Strategy 2018.

The texts on this site define the fields in which we live up to our corporate responsibility: responsibility for the environment, our workforce, our products and society as a whole.